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At the interview:

  • The volunteer referral officer will explain the interview process and will provide an overview about the world of a volunteer, their rights and responsibilities

  • The volunteer referral officer will review the application form you will have completed.  The form is designed to seek information to assist in searching for a suitable volunteer opportunity for example:
    • What are your contact details?
    • What kind of voluntary work you would like to do?
    • Are there any special requirements that may affect your volunteer work?
    • What times are you available for volunteer work?
    • Which locations or suburbs do you want to volunteer in?
  • The Volunteer Referral Officer will attempt to locate one or two positions of interest to you. The volunteer referral officer will contact that organisation by phone and will arrange an appointment for you to speak to the organisation

    The Volunteer Referral Officer will provide a referral document containing details of the position and contact information for the organisation.

Remember – the decision to accept a voluntary position is up to you.